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They’re two, They’re four, They’re six, They’re eight…

We have this obsession in our house. We cannot speak his name because just the mere mention of his name brings on confusion and delay across the land.

He Who Shall Not Be Named has taken over. Elliot will come home and stare at the blank TV screen saying His name over and over. Pointing. Shrieking. Throwing himself on the ground.  Sacrificing his other toys at the altar of Cheeky British Tank Engines. It’s insanity.

I am wondering why little guys love Him so much. It is the most boring show ever. And those engines are SO STUPID. If I was riding in a train that could talk and make decisions, I would have higher expectations. Couldn’t they have hired engines with college degrees or something?

Elliot knows all the names of His friends. He dances to His songs. He is practically speaking in a British accent. It’s so bizarre.

Often throughout our house can be heard shrieks of “MAMA?! MAMA?!” You would think that he would be calling on the name of the woman who carried him in her womb. Sorry, friends. Elliot can’t really make the “T” or the “S” sound. So it comes out… “Mama”.    BOO.   I’ve often been caught thinking that my son is joyfully calling my name at the top of his lungs. Then I realize he is holding that blue toy train again and pointing to the blank TV screen.

He Who Must Not Be Named: 1

Mama: 0

Oh… and more evidence.



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Just this morning

This is what Elliot has been up to:

– Opening the trash and flinging coffee grounds across the kitchen (and eating a handful).

– Opening the cabinet and pulling out baking soda, sticking his hand in it and licking it off (while gagging between licks).

– Bouncing his sippy cup on the couch so it sprays all over the cushions and then wiping his hands in the juice.

– Reaching up to the table and grabbing my coffee mug and pouring it out all over the floor.

And this was all just this morning.

Needless to say, I have found myself doing a lot of cleaning lately. The worst part is that he does all of this while smiling. It makes it so hard to be mad. But I am pretty sure I know why people shake their children.

We are going to get out Christmas tree later this evening. We’ll see how that goes… I have a feeling we may have to tether it to the wall.

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Since last time…

Since last time:

– I had Vacation Bible School at church. A very crazy, and good week.

–  Elliot started walking along furniture.

– We traveled to Wisconsin & Iowa. We attended both State Fairs… and Iowa wins. They mostly have the same stuff, but ISF is just roomier and nicer. I feel like a traitor, but nothing will ever replace the nostalgia of the WSF for me.

– My sister, Kali, moved back to the US. We got to visit with her in WI. Good to have her stateside.

– Elliot started (finally) crawling on all fours (instead of the army crawl).

– Andy and I got to go to a Packer’s pre-season game at Lambeau with Kali and Dad. It was pretty awesome. I’ve never been to a game there. Even if it was pre-season, it was exciting.

– Elliot got to visit with all of his aunts and uncles. He’s got a lot of people who love him.

– We celebrated Elliot’s first birthday. He had his first piece of cake. It was from Hyvee. I am a little sad that it wasn’t a homemade cupcake… but it was vacation. He just about swallowed the piece whole. It was very entertaining.

– Elliot went on his first “big boy” swing.

– The school year started– which means I have been VERY busy at work getting Sunday school, youth groups, bible studies, etc. all up and running. I am serving with WONDERFUL people this year and am excited about what the year will bring.

– I went on a Confirmation class retreat. It was, once again, a good time. Great kids this year. We’ll see what God’s gonna do.

– Elliot finally started getting his front two teeth so he doesn’t have fangs anymore:

– Our friends Heather & Cody had their twins! Cynara and Dalton… and they are perfect. Their baptism was last Sunday and I got to make the cake (white cake with raspberry filling & vanilla buttercream)!

– Andy and I went on a real date last night! We got tickets to see Natasha Leggero at the Blue Loon. Should was good. Funny and so not a Fairbanks girl, but she pulled it all together. Dinner and a little comedy. I like it.

Now that life is getting back into a more normal routine, I hope things slow down a bit. The past couple of months have been  a blur. I think the pace of life will become more regular now that we’re moving into fall… and then… gasp!… winter.

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Magical Breakfast

Normally I go to the gym in the morning and Andy feeds Elliot breakfast. Last Wednesday Andy wanted to get to work a little early and asked if I would feed E. He had already mixed up the cereal and it was all ready to go. Sounds good. I finish getting dressed and take E downstairs and put him in his highchair. I put on his bib and start shoveling cereal into his drooly little mouth. About halfway through the bowl I take a closer look at the cereal and wonder what it’s mixed with. (We usually mix in fruit of some kind.) I taste the cereal and it has an unusual (but not horrible) garlic-y taste.
I call Andy.

Me: “What did you mix into Elliot’s cereal?”

A: “Blueberries.”

Me: “Really? Because it has a weird garlic-y taste…”

A: “Yeah, the blueberries on the top shelf in the fridge.”

Me: “Oh, you mean the container full of bean dip?!”

So Elliot had his first taste of chipotle black bean dip. He really liked it and didn’t suffer any massive blow outs later.
I’ve since vowed to label everything in the fridge.


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To the shore and back

Since I last posted I finished my cake decorating class. I’m really glad I finally took the class. I learned a lot and had the chance to practice. Anyone can decorate cakes, it really just takes practice. Here is my last cake. It turned out pretty well.

Andy, Elliot and I drove down to Homer for the Alaska Spring Pastor’s Conference. We stayed a night in Anchorage on the way down and hit up Target. Oh, we really miss Target. Andy and I went halibut fishing on Wednesday and got SKUNKED! Not a bite! The guy who took us out said he’s had his boat since 1968 and he has NEVER been skunked. Can you believe that?! The sea was rough and we fought sea-sickness (and we won). I am not sure Andy will be excited to go out again.

Elliot did great with all of the car travel. We did need to take a few breaks now and then to let him out of the seat.

We are glad to be home and back in a regular routine. It finally feels like summer around here. I even planted a big pot full of herbs (basil, lavender, rosemary, mint) and a hanging basket with flowers. Our grass is starting to really get growing and we might actually have a green backyard this summer.

Elliot had his 9 month check up today and everything looks great. He’s still 25lbs and 30″ long. Now we are working on standing and talking. I am not ready for this…


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First Effort

Here is my first decorated cake.  I know the colors are tacky… but I was experimenting. I’m feeling pretty good about my skills so far. I think they will get better with practice. Next week I’ll be learning a few more skills and making my “finale” cake. Should be a fun time.

I also just spoke with a friend and I am going to help her with a CUPCAKE DECORATING PARTY for her daughter’s 11th birthday! How fun is that?! So I might be teaching some little gals how to make fancy cupcakes. I am excited.

I also found out that I have not had a cold for the last month, in fact, I have allergies. My doctor gave me 5 prescriptions. I’m feeling back up to about 68% and looking forward to feeling better.

In Elliot news, he is rolling all around and trying really hard to scoot around on his belly. He wants to crawl… just not quite there yet. We also just saw his first tooth break the surface. I’ll try to snap a picture soon.

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8 Months in Baby Years = For-e-ver

A friend of mine just had her first son about a week ago. Fresh new babies make me wish that E was still so new and teeny. We went to the Dr. last week and he is 25lbs 3oz and 30″. Big dude. He is a little over 8 months and the day he was born feels like an eternity ago. This post will serve as my manifesto of parenthood learnings thus far. Here we go…

1. I have learned that I need far less sleep to actually function that I had ever imagined. I’m not saying that I function WELL, but at least I haven’t given up.

2. I have learned how to walk from one room to another, open two doors, find a pacifier in the dark, locate the mouth of my screaming son, close two doors and get back into bed without opening my eyes.

3. I have become immune to the smell of sour milk.

4. I regularly have conversations about poop.

5. I am now very aware of the intense effect plums have on the digestive system of an infant.

6. I can pick up a pacifier with my toes and put it into my son’s mouth while blow drying my hair.

7. I am going to write a book about parenting based on my experiences at WalMart at 11:30pm on a Tuesday night. It will be more of a “what not to do” kind of book.

8. I know what Ralphie Parker now meant when he said, “my mother hadn’t had a hot meal for herself in 15 years.” At least we have microwaves.

There is more, but my sleep deprived brain can’t collect any more thoughts. It’s been a crazy, wonderful, life-changing 8 months.

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