Fresh Starts

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I wanted to say that I am so grateful for the responses from friends. I am thankful that I could share part of my story, so that others can know that they aren’t alone.

Anyhow… There have been some tough times with Mom and Dad in the past few weeks and a few amazingly hopeful signs. I seriously believe that God is doing some hard work on everyone in our family. Who knows, maybe through some tough times there can be some healing. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

In the frozen north, we aren’t so frozen anymore. 70 degrees and sunny! We worked all day yesterday to reorganize the garage, get E’s big boy room ready and generally get our act together. This weekend we’re having 5 trucks of dirt delivered so we can finally get some grass growing. This will be a great summer once all the hard work is over. Right?

At my last checkup we heard that Charlie Brown is doing well. My Dr. says “he’s kind of on the big side” but what else is new? We’ve been talking with E more about babies. I asked him, “E, what do we do when a baby cries?” His answer? “Hug and kiss them.” It could be worse, right? We’ll see what he really does, but it’s pretty sweet for now.

I gave my official resignation to Zion the week before Mother’s Day. I’ll be resigning when the baby comes in September, and staying home with my boys. It feels good, but I’m also really surprised at how much I’m questioning my effectiveness in ministry over the past 8 years. There are groups meeting to decide what to do next, and I’m working overtime to not take their comments personally- but WOW- it’s hard. It will be an interesting transition, but I am so certain this is what I should be doing.

So we’ll see what God has planned for our next big adventure…



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3 responses to “Fresh Starts

  1. Jamie

    Guess I’ll be the only one left, eh? Well, there’s Gretchen but she’ll be getting on the baby bandwagon soon enough…

  2. Ann

    You should talk to Danielle. She’s resigned from her job and is moving to Chicago within the next couple days. Christiane Zoch Hobbs also quit ministry to be a SAHM. I’m impressed with those who can do that. I might feel differently once we have children. But Tia, you’re an amazing mom!

    Don’t question your ministry and effectiveness. Remember…we don’t always see the fruit of our labor nor reap the harvest. We can only do and let God…something that my elder is trying to pound into my brain. 🙂 You’re an incredibly strong woman for not just sharing your faith, but sharing your family and your struggles and triumphs here and with the people of your church.

    My prayers go to you and your family as your prepare this next chapter in your lives…it’s going to be SO exciting for all of you!


  3. Good for you! Though you’ll be leaving one potentially guilt-ridden job for the ultimate guilt-ridden “am I doing this right??????” job. Hehe.

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