Time to Grow Up…

A couple of years ago I read a book by the very hilarious and snarky, Jen Lancaster. The book was called, “Such a Pretty Fat” and it chronicled the author’s journey through dieting, personal trainers, and getting healthy. At the end of the book she summarizes the things she’s learned and says– It was time for me to grow the hell up and realize that I can’t do whatever I want, eat whatever I want and still be healthy.

I’m there. It’s time for me to grow up. I’ve lived my whole life without really making the connections between my actions and the results. I’ve somehow tricked myself into believing that some people are just thin & healthy, and others… well… aren’t. It must be in my DNA. Right?

That’s just a big lie I’ve been telling myself my whole life. The things I put into my body and the things I do (or don’t do) with my body are directly tied to what I look and feel like. I know– you are probably thinking– DUH! We learned that in like 2nd grade health class.  Well, I learned it to. I have lots of  head knowledge about nutrition, exercise and general wellness. I have friends who are great examples of wellness. I just keep making excuses for myself, as if I were the exception to the rule. And OBVIOUSLY… I’m not.

I’ve always known the right answers. I know what it takes to maintain a healthy weight… but I’ve never actually put things into practice. I’m sure I’ve thought that I was just too far beyond repair. I’m no longer willing to buy into that. I’ve got to take steps toward a healthy life– that work for me. I’m not going to subscribe to another program or count every crumb that I eat. I am not going to trade points just so that I can cheat and go back to my old ways.

I am actually going to employ my own common sense. I have the knowledge… I just need to stop playing the game and change my attitude. I need to stop the game of justifying, bending rules, and cheating a system. I am finding that changing attitude is a lot harder than I thought. For me, it’s even harder than changing behavior. I can change my behavior… for a while… but since my attitude is still that of a 9-year-old who just wants ONE MORE COOKIE, it never sticks.

It’s time to grow up. It’s time to take responsibility. It’s time to invest in my own health & wellness. So… my first steps?

1. I joined an online gym. I actually enjoy the workouts (gasp!) and it’s something that fits into my life.

2. I am eating waaaay more fruits and veggies. Trying to get in 8-10 servings a day. I am not there yet, but on my way.

3. Trying to eliminate sugar. This might prove to be difficult. I am an addict.

4. Keeping up on my spiritual life. I want to be a better steward of this life and body that God has given me. I don’t want to lose sight of that.

We’ll see what else happens as this new chapter unfolds.

Also… for all of you who don’t know… baby #2 is expected to arrive September 3rd! Great motivation!


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  1. Ann

    Congrats, Tia and Andy! September 3rd is a great birthday; it’s mine too!

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