What is going on here?

I realize now that I never posted about the morning that my husband decided to be the Good Samaritan.

Several weeks ago, on a Saturday morning at 5am we are startled awake by our dog barking. This is odd. He hardly ever barks at night. Andy gets up and lets him out. A few minutes later I hear Andy talking to someone. I go to the top of the stairs and listen:

“Uhhhh…. yeah…. our car…. it’s like….. somewhere… “

Seriously. There are two guys outside of my house at 5am-  and they are HIIIIIIIIIIGH. Andy closes the door and comes back upstairs and starts getting dressed. I’m all — what are you doing?! He says he’s just going to help them tow their car… no big deal. ANDY! It’s 5am and they are HIIIIIIIIIIIGH. This seems like not such a great idea. He ignores me. He goes downstairs and the three of them get into the truck and drive off.

10 minutes pass.

Suddenly there is crazy loud pounding on my door. “LET ME THE F   IN!!”

More pounding. Much doorbell ringing.


More pounding.

I am a little freaked out. Then I hear this psycho wiggling the doorknob. I panic. I have no idea if the door is actually locked. I summon all of my inner ninja skills and float down the stairs, duck under the window and stealthily lock the door. Then I duck, crouch, spin, and sneak around the rest of the house to make sure everything is locked up.

That’s when I hear ANOTHER voice outside. Also, HIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH.

Awesome. It’s a party.

I call the cops. They ask if I’m home alone. I say yes and MY INFANT SON IS SLEEPING UPSTAIRS! They don’t seem worried. The guys start walking away. They are disappointed that I didn’t let them in to warm up.

Sorry, guys.

All turned out fine… no harm done. They first two guys didn’t abduct Andy or anything. They were just HIIIIIIIIIIGH and lost in the middle of the night. Whatever.

Fast forward one month.

Today I drove into the garage after picking up Elliot from Cyndi’s and I noticed that all of the cabinet doors were opened. I got this eerie feeling that something wasn’t right. I was the last person to leave this morning. It wasn’t Andy that was looking for something. Then I notice that the shelves with our power tools are all empty. We’ve been robbed.

Do people say that? Robbed? Because that’s what I said. Thankfully, they only got into the garage. There were footprints by the front door. They must have tried that first or peeked in the window to see out large, stupid dog.

I didn’t think I would ever feel this way, but I really wish that we owned a weapon. In both of these instances I got this overwhelming “mama bear” feeling. I wasn’t sure if those guys a few weeks ago would get into the house. I didn’t know what I would find when I walked in my house today. AND BOTH TIMES Elliot was there. I wanted something to at least scare someone, if need be.

I am just not feeling good about our neighborhood. Andy went to all of our neighbors and let them know what happened so that they could lock things up and keep an eye out. Seriously? In Alaska?


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2 responses to “What is going on here?

  1. Gretchen

    The house we’re building…. in betwen Homer and Anchor Point (yeah…) was broken into while we were gone on vacation in January. Apparently it was these two kids (one 20 and the other 15, did I mention they were boyfriend and girlfriend… ewww…) Anyhow, they had broken into several homes over the last two months. They actually used a pry bar to get into them. John was so pissed. Last week they were caught by some other homeowners on the lookout for them. Getting robbed sucks. We were lucky because they didn’t take anything from our place because well…. there’s nothing really worth taking yet.

  2. Oh Tia! What a sickening feeling to not even feel safe in your own house.

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