My Boys

Have I ever told you how much I love my boys?

Andy and I are SO not the love-all-over-each-other-and-call-each-other-lame-pet-names-in-public kind of couple. We never have been. You might catch us holding hands sometime, but that’s about it.

But man, I love that guy. He is nothing like the man I imagined that I would marry. He’s never had a mohawk, he has no tatoos, and he had never played in a band. But he’s just right for me.

I am not sure that we could have more opposite personalities– but I couldn’t be married to someone like myself. It would be disastrous. He is patient when I am anxious. He listens (most of the time) when I am babbling on and on about my next crazy idea about owning a bakery, being a comedian, or selling our house and buying an Airstream. He is calm when I am FREAKING OUT. He never raises his voice (which I do more than I’d like to admit). He loooooooves Elliot in ways that surprise me everyday.

Since Andy doesn’t vomit forth every thought and emotion at the very moment that they occur– like someone I know– he is constantly surprising me with his thoughts, perspective and observations. It’s good.

To see Andy and E together pretty much melts my heart every time. As E grows, Andy is having even more fun with him every day. They’ve been trolling the neighborhood in E’s little sled now that the weather is warmer. The neighbors all know Andy & E. They probably think he’s a really loving single dad. [Note to self: take some time off.]

Elliot is growing. Fast. He runs. Not faster than me, yet, so I’m not totally depressed.

He blows kisses to everyone who says hello to him. I am not sure if that warms my heart or scares me.

He is 105.3% boy. Every word and action is a little bit… intense. His animal sounds (moo, neigh, baaa, roar, quack…) are all exclaimed at the VERY TOP OF HIS VOICE! Toys are quality tested every day by being flung at great speeds toward the floor.

Before meals and bedtime we pray with E. He folds his little (often sticky) hands and Andy or I say the prayers and E shouts AMEN! at the end.

Last week was Ash Wednesday and we all went to church in the evening. All three of us went up for the Imposition of Ashes (a black cross is traced on your forehead in ashes). I carried E back to our seat and he sat in my lap staring at my forehead. He would reach up and touch it and say “Coss? Coss?!”. He would touch my forehead, get ash on his finger and laugh. It was a great moment.

I love to watch him explore something new. It’s like I can just hear all the new connections being made in his brain. I am always amazed at how much he is learning.

He is eager to give hugs and snuggles. He’s finally learned to give kisses with his mouth closed (because its just awkward when your kid is making out with everyone, including the dog). I have to stop myself from chasing him around the house kissing him all day. He might need therapy later. He has more and more words every day. When I wake up in the morning I am often wondering what new thing he will do today.

I’m loving my family today.


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2 responses to “My Boys

  1. Kristy

    You have captured how I feel about my family perfectly… but I have two very different little men who affect me equally. It truly is amazing, isn’t it?

  2. lindsey

    I love you and how you love your family…thanks for sharing this for us single folk who live vicariously through sappy couples like y’all!

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