I know I’m funny

This week I’m participating in the Fairbanks Funny Festival. I did it last year and had so much fun that I’ve been looking forward to it since then.

I’ve often been the funny one. I remember being in high school, where I wasn’t exactly Little Miss Popularity, that when I had conversations with the Lutheran high school equivalent of the “Heathers”, they would always be doubled over with laughter. Seriously… don’t you ever tell jokes? It was like they had never heard sarcasm before. However, it was a good ego boost for me. I found myself hanging out with friends throughout college who were constantly in competition to say the wittier comment. Who could make a better satirical pop-culture reference in casual conversation. It was very obnoxious… but I liked it and it kept my wit sharp.

Since those days I’ve found myself living in Fairbanks, Alaska. WITHOUT cable. Working in a church. This is not exactly the kind of environment that refines keen wit. HOWEVER… the Funny Festival is one week each year where I get to focus and work on the observations I’ve collected over the past year and really shake out the stuff that’s funny.

So far this year has been fantastic. The teaching comedian, Phil Palisoul, is AMAZING. Not only is he a great comedian, he really is a great coach. He is encouraging and really offers great ideas and insight about the comedy world.

Just like last year, I’m ready to go whenever the Tonight Show calls…  or whenever Jay Leno calls… crap…

Who’s going to call me, there’s no one  left?

Anyways… Saturday. 8pm @ the Blue Loon. I’ll get my 5 minutes on stage and it will be glorious. This year’s topics? Book stores, movie theaters, and bad parenting.



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3 responses to “I know I’m funny

  1. Ingrid

    Oh my goodness, I nearly snorted my wine when I read this post. I’m anxious to hear how it goes. Good luck!

  2. So… all that material from the pastor’s conference is out?! Oh well I’m sure you’ll be awesome!!!!!

  3. You are a funny lady! Can’t wait to listen to your 5 minutes of fame…and thanks for the help you gave me for my talk at the women’s retreat. people are still talking about the “pastor’s wife talking about poop”. I’ve got a sunshine award for you on my blog!

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