I am not listening to Bob Marley right now

Okay, yes I am. It’s on Pandora… and I like it.

Elliot is sleeping. Andy is at work (on a Saturday- boo). The house is quiet… except for me and my dreadlocked friend. This doesn’t happen often. I have nothing to do. I prepared for my class tomorrow. I washed the dishes. There isn’t enough laundry to worry about. I’m sure I could come up with something- but I’m good.

I rented “Extract” from Blockbuster yesterday and I really want to watch it right now… but I think I should wait for Andy. Right? That’s what good wives do.       Or     I could watch it now and not tell him that I watched it and pretend that its all new when he wants to watch it later. Who am I kidding? I am potentially the world’s worst secret keeper. I don’t really imagine that being a movie of insane plot twists… but I just couldn’t fake it being my virgin viewing.


I guess my new favorite thing to do is write down all of my trivial thoughts here. Lucky you.

I’ll spare you the agony of writing out of boredom… until then, I’m a buffalo soldier.


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