Achy Heart

My heart is achy this morning.

Elliot decided to sleep in a bit and I’ve had a few extra minutes to catch up on news from Haiti. Wow. I’ve never felt quite this privledged before. I’m sitting at my computer, drinking hot coffee and eating peanut butter toast. My house is in tact and warm (even at -18 degree weather). I’m not worried about the safety of my family or where our next meal will come from.

I’ve been reading about the BRESMA orphanage. Here, here and here. I have a few friends from college who are connected with mission work in Haiti… they also spend time in orphanages. Those places had so few resources before the earth shook their world apart… I can’t really imagine what life is like for them now.

So I’m praying for those kids and their caregivers. I’m also going to give whatever we can.

More to come…


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