Marriage: The Tandem Bike?

I recently came across a book titled, “Have the Most Amazing, Stupendous, Rockin” Marriage Ever”, or something. On the  cover of this most amazing book was a tandem bicycle.

Have you ever taken a ride on a tandem bike? If you have, you would most definitely NOT use that as the logo for your book about marriage if you want people to read your book or stay married.

Riding a tandem bike is only fun and good if you get to be in the front seat. Seriously… there is NOTHING enjoyable about riding in that ridiculous rear seat.  First, you have absolutely no control over where you are going. Sure, they give you handlebars, but just for a sick feeling of false control. They are useless. Second, you get an up-close and personal view of your partner’s butt. Let me rephrase that: You get an up-close and personal view of your partner’s butt that is smooshed into a bike seat and jiggling to and fro. Perhaps that works for you… it’s just not my thing.

If this is going to be an analogy for marriage… then what is marriage really about? One person controling the show? One person sitting back while the other one does all the work (correction: there is ONE good thing about riding in the back!)? I’m sure this author thought it would be fun to use a tandem as a cute little icon to signify that marriage takes two people… but I bet he hasn’t been on one with someone with a big butt, no sense of direction and an inner-ear problem.

No, I have never been on a tandem bike with Andy. We did a tandem kayak once…  only once. I’m not naming names, but someone doesn’t know how to paddle. I’m just saying…

If I were writing a book about marriage I would use an image of curling. Isn’t it all about sweeping the crap out of the way together so life runs a little more smoothly?

What image would you use for marriage?


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  1. holeinhead

    very insightful

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