Date Night [WARNING! Much cynicism to follow!]

Andy & I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week. I know, 4 years isn’t really a monumental milestone, but it has been 4 really good years. I think he’s a keeper.

Every year we go to Pike’s Landing for our anniversary date. A very generous family has always given us a gift certificate for Christmas and we have an instant anniversary dinner! Last night we had a great meal. Actually, my prime rib was a little too rare for me. This coming from the woman who would eat a steak if it was still moo-ing. It was rare. However, the meal was nice and the company was excellent.

Afterward we went to Barnes & Noble just to stroll around. Seriously, that’s the kind of town we live in. Unless you want to go to the bar (and there aren’t even nice bars here) B&N is all that’s left after 9pm. That or WalMart– which will be another post entirely.

We were strolling through the stacks and decided to head back to the children’s section to check out a book or two for E. As I pass through the gates into this uncharted territory, I realize something: I have just entered another universe. No longer am I among rows of neat, crisp new books. I can no longer smell freshly roasted coffee or newly printed books. The only sounds I hear are of screaming children. I turn the corner to see this wild eyed ten-year-old boy flinging paperbacks all down the aisle at his younger sister. He is screaming at her that she has to dodge them because they are poisonous. The poor girl is just standing there, terrified, as she is being pelted by the entire Nancy Drew collection. All the while there is another brother, I assume, who is yelling over and over and over and over, “Destiny, I’m not talking to you! Destiny, I’m not talking to you! I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU ANYMORE!” (Destiny… of course that’s her name.)

Not an adult in sight. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE?! It was 9:30pm on a Friday night and these banshee children are running a muck in a book store without a parent or responsible party in a 100 ft radius?!

So what do I do, you ask? The most helpful and obvious thing to do… I grab Andy by the arm and head straight for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, because that is most certainly where the people with whom these children belong must be. I check the first aisle… three very single men reading manga. Strike one. I peer down the second aisle… one 14 year old girl in a long black crushed-velvet dress with matching eyeliner, lipstick and fingernails. Strike two. Last chance… aisle three… HOME RUN! Young couple, dressed in matching camo jackets, combat boots and working on something that looks like the beginning of a trashy romance novel (wrong section, people!).

Did I confront them about their (possible) children’s behavior and their disgusting PDA’s? No. Of course not. I did feel a small amount of guilt for tracking down people in a book store based on my own stereotypes.

But I still think I’m right.

One more thing– Books Andy & I plan to put on our reading list:

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