2010… A New Journey?

There probably shouldn’t be a question mark after the title of this post… but I am just not certain that I’m ready for the true commitment of a new journey. For right now, let’s call it an alleged journey.

I’ve got some thoughts about the coming year. (Insert very typical reflection on last year and hopes for the new year…)

In the past few weeks I have been itching. No, I don’t have allergies or fleas, not that I am aware. I’ve been itching because I have this sense that some part of me that used to be creative has died. Andy says it hasn’t died, it just might be maimed and bleeding, lying in the corner.


I think I’ve fallen into the routine of life. The maintenance stuff of life that doesn’t require one to be creative or spontaneous. Wake up. Shower. Make breakfast. Wake up E. Dress E. Feed E. Pack up car. Take E to sitter. Go to work. Do work stuff. Pick up E. Go home. Make supper. Hang out with Andy. Watch TV. Sleep. Repeat.

I’m bored, how about you?

I feel a little guilty because I am sure that I should be fed creatively at work. Often I get to pass along the creative parts of ministry to someone else. Don’t get me wrong– I like to pass on ministry– but that usually means I get the administrative, not the fun stuff.

The journey. I want to make a commitment to grow creatively this year. I need to figure out what that means. Here are a few ideas that I have so far:

1. Grow spiritually. Being fed by the Creator is probably a great place to start. I am going to jump in with a few friends and attempt the Bible in a year.

2. Try new things. Trying new things stirs up creativity. Right? I imagine taking a class or two. Maybe a drawing class, or a baking class, or pottery, or beat-boxing (!), or comedy…

3. Surround myself with creative-types. Creative people are good for my heart. Now… spending intentional time with those people and being inspired by them… that’s what I need to work on.

I’m not sure, yet, what this journey will look like. I could make a long list of things I’d like to do… but let’s be honest… it will be just another long list of things that I am pretty sure I’m not going to get done. Instead, my hope is that at this time next year I will find my creative side nurtured and doing well.



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2 responses to “2010… A New Journey?

  1. Ryan

    I’ve always found that my creative side comes out best when I have to do things I’m uncomfortable with.

    Comfort and creativity are often mutually exclusive. For others, they’re mutually inclusive.

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