Reallocation of Resources

Lately we’ve been working on really taking a look at the resources that we have and making the very best of them (or at least being more intentional). I have been very thankful lately for the great gifts that we have been given. They are more than I can count. We have so much to be thankful for; A home that is warm in the winter. Loving family. A super cute little boy. Enough food on our table. Car(s!) that go. A church that cares for us. Friends who show us Jesus.

Life is good and because it is so good, we are trying harder to be better stewards of these gifts. One step was getting our meal planning in order. My hope is to save money and time. I found this great book and software called “30 Meals in 1 Day” and it has changed my world! The software includes tons of recipes that you prepare all in one day for the whole month. I have 26 meals in my freezer right now! It requires some planning and time set-aside, but then you don’t have to cook for weeks at a time! Most of the recipes just need to be thawed and heated up. I love that! It has made our evening time much more relaxed and its just nice to know that we have lots of meal choices at any given moment. AND– our grocery bill was down to about $50/week. Not bad.

Step two: I gave Elliot his first at-home haircut tonight. I was terrified. I have seen lots of boys with REALLY bad haircuts. I think it turned out well. I think it will come with practice. He needed a bath and bedtime right after the cut, so pictures will have to come tomorrow.

Step Three: I had this great master plan to make gifts for everyone this Christmas. Then I realized that I totally suck at following patterns. Wow… Who knew that following directions and cutting fabric could go so horribly wrong.  🙂  So, for the sake of my own sanity and for the well-being of my family, I am making some gifts this Christmas and trying really hard to choose meaningful/useful, inexpensive gifts for the rest.

Part of being thankful for what I have been given, to me, is taking those gifts seriously and being a good steward. In the coming year, my hope is that I will cherish the gifts of family, time, friends, money, and faith in new ways.


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