Just this morning

This is what Elliot has been up to:

– Opening the trash and flinging coffee grounds across the kitchen (and eating a handful).

– Opening the cabinet and pulling out baking soda, sticking his hand in it and licking it off (while gagging between licks).

– Bouncing his sippy cup on the couch so it sprays all over the cushions and then wiping his hands in the juice.

– Reaching up to the table and grabbing my coffee mug and pouring it out all over the floor.

And this was all just this morning.

Needless to say, I have found myself doing a lot of cleaning lately. The worst part is that he does all of this while smiling. It makes it so hard to be mad. But I am pretty sure I know why people shake their children.

We are going to get out Christmas tree later this evening. We’ll see how that goes… I have a feeling we may have to tether it to the wall.


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One response to “Just this morning

  1. Krissa

    Wow. The things I have to look forward to. Good thing I don’t drink coffee.

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