Things I love… this week

  • Feist singing the “1234” song on Sesame Street
  • My new found obsession with beatboxing.  I can’t really do it, but I have an image of myself that is much cooler and could do it. I think I’m more obsessed with the idea.
  • Regina Spektor,  Counting Crows and Todd Agnew on my ipod
  • Christmas crafting. I am planning to make stockings for E, Andy and me. I am also planning to make stuffed animals for E and other little friends. Then there will be aprons, fabric baskets and t-shirt stenciling… good thing I’m starting now.
  • Elliot trying so hard to say new words
  • The Electric Company
  • Dreaming of a new teeny, tiny laptop
  • Trying to come up with appropriate “material” for the funny festival this year
  • Mulled wine
  • “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”
  • Elliot’s first official word (see video)
  • Wicked Good slippers
  • Craft bazaar season is here!
  • Recipe sharing with Kali

Life has been SO full lately.  It has been full of commitments that mean less family time.  Too many days of Andy walking in the door and me just getting ready to leave. Oye. Things will be different this month. Lots of good winter family time ahead. I am so looking forward to it. And then my parents are coming up for Christmas. It will be nice to be with family for Christmas, its been a long time. I hope they know what they are getting into– coming up to Fairbanks in December. 😉

I love this time of year. Winter has just begun and there are parties to look forward to, gifts to make, recipes to find, and reasons to celebrate with friends.



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3 responses to “Things I love… this week

  1. Gretchen

    If you’re planning (or even if not planning) you should buy extra material to make the stockings with in the same/ similar patterns (depending on what you’re doing) That way your next child could have a matching stocking. just I thought.

  2. My beef stroganoff that I made was only so-so. Maybe not crock-potting it next time will make it better.

    Loved the video of Elliot talking. His next word should be “Kali”. 🙂

  3. holeinhead

    tia those videos of elliot are the cutest things i have ever seen and so FUN to watch. thanks for sharing:)

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