Magical Breakfast

Normally I go to the gym in the morning and Andy feeds Elliot breakfast. Last Wednesday Andy wanted to get to work a little early and asked if I would feed E. He had already mixed up the cereal and it was all ready to go. Sounds good. I finish getting dressed and take E downstairs and put him in his highchair. I put on his bib and start shoveling cereal into his drooly little mouth. About halfway through the bowl I take a closer look at the cereal and wonder what it’s mixed with. (We usually mix in fruit of some kind.) I taste the cereal and it has an unusual (but not horrible) garlic-y taste.
I call Andy.

Me: “What did you mix into Elliot’s cereal?”

A: “Blueberries.”

Me: “Really? Because it has a weird garlic-y taste…”

A: “Yeah, the blueberries on the top shelf in the fridge.”

Me: “Oh, you mean the container full of bean dip?!”

So Elliot had his first taste of chipotle black bean dip. He really liked it and didn’t suffer any massive blow outs later.
I’ve since vowed to label everything in the fridge.



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2 responses to “Magical Breakfast

  1. Ha! That’s hilarious. I’m glad little E didn’t have any tummy problems later.

  2. Krissa

    Glad it wasn’t like the chili incident on “Mr. Mom.” 🙂

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