(E discovered teething biscuits– disgusting and delicious)

I am prepared with a rather long list of excuses as to why I haven’t posted in a while. Get ready…

  • Last weekend was Solstice in Fairbanks, which means a lot of fun stuff to do around town- including the Midnight Sun Festival where we got some good fair food and enjoyed the awesome sunshine (all night).
  • I officially named the cupcake business “yum”.
  • I set up a meeting with a woman at the Cooperative Extension, they have a division that helps small businesses get started. We will meet to talk about what can happen next.
  • I baked for the Bolz’s Bake Sale/Garage Sale.
  • I now have three more orders. Whoo!
  • Elliot is still trying to crawl… he just won’t pick up his belly off the floor. He is making it so much harder for himself.
  • I started working out 4 days a week and I’m feeling GREAT! (granted, it’s only week two).
  • I applied for a job that I was WAY under qualified for. It felt good just to beef up my resume.
  • I did a cupcake decorating birthday party for my now 11-year-old friend, Maddie. It was fun! The girls were so intense about their cupcake designs.
  • We also swear E said “Daddy” the other morning when Andy woke him up. He said “Mama” long ago… more like “Mamamamama”. I’ll take it.
  • Our vacuum cleaner died a slow painful death & we have a shedding dog. Ewww…
  • We are still trying to plant grass around the yard. It’s a slow process, mostly because we are lazy.
  • Andy got a new (and awesome) grill for father’s day and it took both of us to put it together.
  • I added a “yum” page to the blog (did you see it?). It has photos of cupcakes that have been good and will soon have a menu & price sheet.
  • “So You Think You Can Dance” is on TWO nights a week.

I think those are all of my reasons. I’m back to posting (we’ve heard that before).

Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL in Fairbanks. On Saturday I got up early and brought cupcakes over to our friends’ bake sale and then I got coffee and went to the farmer’s market. It was so packed! It was great to be out in the morning, enjoying the sunshine, the people and the great stuff at the FM. I got to have a great little conversation with Gretchen from “Gretchen’s Confections” about starting a business. I picked up some lettuce from our CSA farm and had a lovely morning. E and Andy were at home playing and sleeping. Flying solo feels good every now and again.

I am missing riding my scooter this summer. I am still really upset that it’s socially unacceptable (or illegal) to carry your baby on your back on a motorized vehicle. Andy said I should get one of those bike trailers and throw E in the back… I still think that’s frowned upon.

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  1. It’s totally acceptable in Macau and China. Just throw the kid in a baby back pack and jump on the scooter. But they also don’t put babies in car seats either, so I don’t know if you want to trust their judgment. 🙂

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