To the shore and back

Since I last posted I finished my cake decorating class. I’m really glad I finally took the class. I learned a lot and had the chance to practice. Anyone can decorate cakes, it really just takes practice. Here is my last cake. It turned out pretty well.

Andy, Elliot and I drove down to Homer for the Alaska Spring Pastor’s Conference. We stayed a night in Anchorage on the way down and hit up Target. Oh, we really miss Target. Andy and I went halibut fishing on Wednesday and got SKUNKED! Not a bite! The guy who took us out said he’s had his boat since 1968 and he has NEVER been skunked. Can you believe that?! The sea was rough and we fought sea-sickness (and we won). I am not sure Andy will be excited to go out again.

Elliot did great with all of the car travel. We did need to take a few breaks now and then to let him out of the seat.

We are glad to be home and back in a regular routine. It finally feels like summer around here. I even planted a big pot full of herbs (basil, lavender, rosemary, mint) and a hanging basket with flowers. Our grass is starting to really get growing and we might actually have a green backyard this summer.

Elliot had his 9 month check up today and everything looks great. He’s still 25lbs and 30″ long. Now we are working on standing and talking. I am not ready for this…


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2 responses to “To the shore and back

  1. Krissa

    Ahh . . . Diet Coke.

  2. holeinhead

    i love the pictures…and elliot looks so much like you it makes me a little sad inside because i miss you:/

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