First Effort

Here is my first decorated cake.  I know the colors are tacky… but I was experimenting. I’m feeling pretty good about my skills so far. I think they will get better with practice. Next week I’ll be learning a few more skills and making my “finale” cake. Should be a fun time.

I also just spoke with a friend and I am going to help her with a CUPCAKE DECORATING PARTY for her daughter’s 11th birthday! How fun is that?! So I might be teaching some little gals how to make fancy cupcakes. I am excited.

I also found out that I have not had a cold for the last month, in fact, I have allergies. My doctor gave me 5 prescriptions. I’m feeling back up to about 68% and looking forward to feeling better.

In Elliot news, he is rolling all around and trying really hard to scoot around on his belly. He wants to crawl… just not quite there yet. We also just saw his first tooth break the surface. I’ll try to snap a picture soon.


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