I need a vacation from my life.

I have had a cold since Palm Sunday (note: that was 30 days ago). I have confirmed that it is NOT the dreaded swine flu. It is just a nasty cold. The cold that will never end. I am slowly adjusting to living the rest of my life with a snotty nose and a hacking cough. Awesome.

Life has just been so busy. It seems like one event after another. I am looking forward to a little more down time, but I know things will come up. In some fun news, I started my first cake decorating class tonight. It was fun. Andy’s mom got me this AMAZING cake decorating kit. It has EVERYTHING that I could ever need in it. Since I have the stuff I figured I needed to take a class to learn how to use it. I already have homework! I have to bring a leveled, iced, 8 inch, two layer cake to class with me next week along with three batches of icing. Fun times. I am looking forward to it.

But as of now I am enjoying the rest of the evening at home with Andy. Mojito in hand (it’s finally spring in Alaska!) and watching the Fringe.


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  1. 1.) I loved my cake decorating class that I took in CA. I am not so good at it, but it was fun.

    2.) I love Fringe. It’s very X-files-y and nerdy.

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