Finally getting my head back in the game

Holy Week. Easter. Surprise Parental Visit. Dallas. Houston. Planned Mom-in-Law Visit.

That has been the last three weeks. C R A Z Y. I’ll review…

Holy Week is like the Playoffs in the Church. It’s a great week of reflection, confession, and it ends in celebration. I love it. However, it is always very busy! We have our First Communion kids planning and participating in a Christian Seder (Passover) meal that the whole congregation attends. Then there are two Good Friday services. Holy Saturday services and then three Easter services. This year we added a 60 hour prayer vigil to the mix. WHOA. But it was good. A lot of people heard about Jesus. Mission accomplished.

On Easter the High School Youth group hosts easter breakfast. It was nice this year. Plenty of kids came to help and we had a really nice breakfast for the congregation. As I was talking with one of the kids I saw this couple walk down the hall and thought, “Wow, they look a lot like my paren–HOLY CRAP– it IS my parents!” Sure enough, Mom and Dad showed up at church on Easter sunday. Totally unannounced. I didn’t know. Andy didn’t know. WOW. It was great to have them. They stayed for a week. They loved on Elliot like crazy and had a good time just hanging out with us… for a few days.

Grandpa, Elliot and Grandma– Happy Easter!

I was scheduled to fly out on Wednesday for the National DCE Conference in Dallas. So I left and my parents stayed for a few more days with Andy and E. The DCE conference was great. At first I started getting all of those feelings I had in college. Like, “Wow, it  just seems like everyone has it all together and I just feel like a mess.” I did the thing I always say I won’t do– compare myself to everyone else. Man, I hate that. Then a friend from college shared some of his struggles in ministry and I felt like a huge weight was lifted. I know that sounds terrible, but it was so refreshing for people to be honest and open about the challenges in ministry. It allowed me to do the same and that made all the difference for me. There were great times of worship and reflection and I feel more refreshed. I am ready to give it another go. I will write more about that later…

THEN, I flew from Dallas to Houston to visit my friends Jayme and Kobi. Jayme and I shared a rather large dorm room for one semester after our DCE internships. I love her. She and Kobi just had a precious little baby girl in February. Sweet sweet. I can’t even remember if Elliot was ever that small. They also have a 15 month old boy– and I adore him. He and I had some good play time. It was great to just be with friends that I don’t get to see often enough. Nice time to catch up and just relax. Thanks guys for having me!

Then back to town to meet Mom-in-Law who had already arrived. Her visit has been good. I think she’s enjoyed her time with Elliot. She’s fun to hang out with and I think we might be able to get out and do something fun today… although, I’m not sure what that will be…

So a lot has been happening! I am hoping that explains my lack of posting. More updates soon.

E on Palm Sunday– or ready for a business meeting?


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  1. Ingrid

    Holy week is like the Playoffs at church…I nearly snorted my wine through my nose. That’s the best way I’ve heard it described in a LONG time. Love it!

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