Snow Day

E and I went for a walk (just on our street) with his sled. It was a nice day and we just needed to get outside. I think he mostly enjoyed it. He was pretty quiet and spent his time taking in the neighborhood and the sunshine.

I have been doing a lot of research about a bakery. At first I thought I could just ease into it and grow slowly from home, but it looks like I will need to use commercial kitchen space. I may have a connection that I could make arrangements with to rent space. We’ll see.
I’m also wondering if I should continue on this crazy quest. The idea of owning my own bakery would be AMAZING, however, right now I am called to Zion. I don’t want to short-change my responsibilities there. I also don’t want to take any risks that will put strain on my family. Andy is excited about the idea– but I don’t want my family to suffer because of this pie in the sky dream.

So I’m praying about the next step. Who knows what that might be…


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  1. What a cutie! Kids here get bundled up like that and it’s between 60-7o degrees here. Crazy chinese moms being worried about their kids catching a cold because of the air conditioning.

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