I heart Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Cupcakes are AMAZING.

I’m still working on new recipes. This one turned out great. I found the BEST recipe for buttercream. It’s sort of a lot of work– but well worth it. It’s light and creamy and deeeelicous. This frosting was swirled with caramel sauce, but I worked in all the caramel as a frosted them. Next time I’ll just add a touch of sauce on the cupcake and swirl just before finishing. They are topped with just a pinch of sea salt. I love salted caramel!

I was supposed to be at the All Alaska Youth Gathering this weekend but there have been snow storms all over the state and I just didn’t feel comfortable driving with 13 teenagers in vans through the mountains in a snow storm. I guess better safe than sorry. It’s just a bummer that we aren’t going.



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3 responses to “I heart Salted Caramel

  1. As payment for ABANDONING us this weekend, you could make us all some of these. YUMMY. I’ve never had salted caramel but now I’ll have to try.

    P.S. We REALLY wish you were here. I’m not NEARLY as funny as you are. Stupid snow.

  2. Tia

    I’m so sorry! And the worst part? Yesterday afternoon and all day today are sunny and beautiful here. DOH! But I think it still would have been a disastrous drive. Did Sharon from Fairbanks Lutheran make it?

    I am so sad because I wanted to see you and Tabbie, and Rough Draft, and I wanted to tell some jokes. DANG IT! Sometimes Alaska sucks.

  3. Rough Draft says ‘hi’. They told the kids to pester us about bringing them back again next year so you’ll probably see them again (if they have anything to do with it!)

    No one from Fairbanks made it so you’re not alone.

    We just have to do a DCE retreat (with spouses and Elliot) in Hawaii. How’s that sound?!

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