Elliot sure is developing his personality. He keeps us laughing. Speaking of laughing, since my last post I’ve been asked to do a little bit of stand-up for a women’s retreat at our church at the end of the month. I am very excited. You have to start somewhere, right?

Next weekend I’ll be emceeing the All Alaska Lutheran Youth Gathering at Victory Bible Camp. It’s always a favorite event for me. Andy and E are staying home to have some man time. It will be their first whole weekend alone together. They will do just great. I’m trying not to feel too guilty.

E and I had a great play-date with our friends Tracy and her daughter Erica on Friday. Doesn’t that sound good, Elliot and Erica? Juuuust kidding. Tracy just started a blog. You should check it out.

On Saturday morning my good friend Cyndi and I took a baking class that focused on using alternative grains. It was pretty interesting. Yummy food. Lots of commitment to go sans white flour. I’m not sure that I’m there yet, but I’d like to experiment a little.

Then on Saturday night Andy, E and I had a date. To Barnes & Noble. It seems like we don’t get out a whole lot with E and it was a nice trip to get a cup o’ coffee and just browse for some books. I got a new cupcake book. Look for more new experiments coming soon.

E also went in for his 6 month check up on Friday. 24.1 lbs and 28″ long.

That    is    one    BIG    baby.


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  1. Krissa

    My doctor told me based on my height it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have a 9 lb (or heavier!) baby. I think I’m going to stop eating!

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