I have this idea. Well, actually, it’s many ideas. I have been contemplating avenues for a business that I’d like to own someday. I think I’m settling on two ideas… or a collaboration of these ideas.

I love to bake. It’s a favorite hobby of mine. One of my favorite baked goods to EAT is cupcakes. There is just something so fun about a cupcake. It reminds me of elementary school classroom parties. A fun break from the norm that’s just sized for me.

So this is my idea… I’d like to bake and sell cupcakes for birthday parties, special occasions, etc. REALLY good cupcakes. No canned frosting and box cake mix here. Quality ingredients and interesting flavors. I’m working on perfecting four really good recipes. This is phase one of my plan.

Phase two would be hosting birthday parties for kids where they can bake and decorate their own cupcakes. Or maybe they could make hand-made candies. Or personal pizzas. How fun would that be? Kids would love it because they could decorate, be creative, and make a mess. Parents would love it because the mess wouldn’t be in their house.

Tonight I was working on a recipe. I’ve made it before, but tonight I tried three different sizes.

A cute little cupcake family. Precious. Delicious.



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3 responses to “Sweet

  1. whenever i have children, you can plan their birthday parties.

  2. mom

    Would like to sample your cupcakes. Looks yummy.

  3. Krissa

    I could eat about 15 of them right now. Mmm.

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