I’m a thief.

Dad Gone Mad did it. Everyone on Facebook is doing it. I’m jumping in.

25 Things You May or May Not Care About

1. I am passionate, to the point of snobbery, about good coffee and good beer.

2. I am proud of my newly found meal planning and grocery shopping on-a-budget abilities. (I plan and shop for a month at a time)

3. I love being creative.

4. One of my life goals is to get paid for doing something creative.

5. Being a mom is the best job I’ve ever had.

6. I love making new friends, but I find myself feeling like an awkward 7th grader around new people.

7. I don’t have cable but I watch the heck out of network TV.

8. I am addicted to Arrested Development.

9. I have a scooter and wish it was socially acceptable to carry your baby on the back (it is in China).

10. Jesus really is my homeboy.

11. I am pretty confident that I could be as funny as some professional comedians.

12. I would love to own a business of some kind. A coffee shop, a bakery, or maybe a hand-craft business. I would definitely need a partner.

13. I am taking a bread-baking class this month.

14. My favorite cookies are gingersnaps.

15. My husband and I are convinced that we wouldn’t last a day without sarcasm.

16. I’m afraid that I am going to drive my son into therapy because I kiss him so much.

17. I would really like to adopt a child.

18. This is my dream home.

19. My husband has a terrible addiction to plaid.

20. I see a version of myself that is much cooler than I really am. This is why I tell people that I am going to get big tattoos and be a rock star.

21. I want to buy an AirStream and travel the country.

22. In a continued effort to be more healthy, I just signed up for a share at Rosie Creek Farms.

23. My sister teaches English in China. I so want to visit her.

24. I’m anti Valentine’s day, jewelry commercials, bad chick flicks, and other things invented to jack up women’s expectations and sabbotage real relationships.

25. I strongly believe that Oprah is the leader of the largest cult in America.


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