Psyching myself up

I just finished telling jokes to my dog. Elliot is sleeping and I am standing in my kitchen pretending to hold a microphone, running through my “routine” for tonight. What a dork. I’m pretty sure this is not what Lisa Landry does.

I think I’m ready. It has been a great week. I made a new friend. She did her set last night, so Andy and I went to see all the Funny Fest participants. She was great! People were cracking up at her stories. It was good. I was also advantageous for me to see how the show works before I’m on tonight. I’m the last Funny Fest comic before the Pro goes on.  I was told that being the “closer” is good. The guy who closed last night was REALLY good… I am certain I can’t reach that level, but I’ll do what I can do.

I feel so spoiled, a babysitter two nights in a row. Fancy. Did I tell you that I was “on the list”? I didn’t have to pay for the show because my name was “on the list”. This is one advantage of doing something like this in Fairbanks, you feel a little bit celebritized because of the small town. It was so nice to go out to the show with Andy last night. Because of the workshops this week it’s like we’ve hardly seen each other. He’s pretty excited to see my bit. We’ll see how it goes…

The Blue Loon is a pretty cool location. It’s set up like a theater (they have great movie deals on Tuesdays) and you can eat and drink while you watch the show. Nice. I’m hoping there are lots of  friends in the audience tonight so I can at least get some pity laughs.

***Andy says he wants to take video. If it makes it past my approval I might post it tomorrow.


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