I am not cool.

That is my “opener” for my COMEDY ACT.
Yep. That’s what I said. I have a comedy act. Sort of. I signed up for the Fairbanks Funny Fest. It’s a three day stand-up comedy workshop. It’s being hosted by two local comics/radio personalities and a nationally known comic, Bobby Miyamoto. At the end of the week I’ll get to perform my 3-5 minute routine for an audience of about 150. I am completely stoked about it.

I just got home from my first night and I feel pretty darn good about it. There were some REALLY funny people there tonight. I mean, some people have great ways of communicating their funny life situations. There is a certain lawyer/bartender in Fairbanks that could go places with her hilarity. Or perhaps an elementary school wood shop teacher will share her comical stories with the world.  It’s fun to hear how people generate ideas for comedy. I start with myself. I am not inherently funny, but I am inherently uncool. Uncool= funny, to me. There is so much good self-deprecating material to be developed. My humble beginnings as a childhood misfit will be well served as an adult looking for funny material.

This is my question… do you think I could actually get PAID for this?

PS… I also used the word “poo-berry” in my introduction tonight. I will divulge the rest of the “act” after this weekend.


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  1. Sarah

    You are my HERO!!
    I love reading your blog. Elliot is adorable and I love your “crafty” ideas – it’s inspiring.
    We’ll be rooting for you.
    ~ Sarah

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