A few recently created things

This post has been a long time in the making. I haven’t had made much creative time lately, but there are just a couple of good things.
For Christmas this year we gave gift buckets to a few friends with some fun homemade goodies in them. One is a hot/cold pack that I whipped up– filled with flax seed. They are pretty nice for achy muscles or warming up your side of the bed.

Next was a bottle of [cheap] red wine and a packet of mulling spices. I sort of fell in love with mulled wine this winter. Its so nice and cozy on a freezing day. Then there were cookies. I made a few kinds of cookies this year. Chocolate Gingerbread Hugs, Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, and Gingersnaps (our favorite). ALSO, this year I tried chocolate truffles for the first time. They turned out pretty well, but not perfect yet. I hope to make some time to work on the recipe I already have and figure out the best way to work with the chocolate. I’m considering a tempering machine. And the last thing was Pepper Jelly. We love it. It was the first kind of jelly/jam I had ever made and its still a favorite. We eat it with cream cheese and cracker, but its also really good on fish and pork. Hopefully our friends will forgive us because this batch was a little spicier than usual and a little more jello-like. I’m not sure why, but it got really firm. Tastes great, though. 🙂

Well, that was Christmas. I also recently finished a project that has been FOUR years in the making. This is the ONLY project that has ever persevered this long for me. I have been saving wine corks (hard work, I know) to make a trivet. It’s finally done. I counted 64 corks. That’s less than one bottle every two weeks… I could have gotten that done faster. 🙂 This is the end result. I like the weird shape.

I’m hoping to make more creative time for myself very soon. Who knows if I’ll actually finish anything… but perhaps it will get the creative juices moving.


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5 responses to “A few recently created things

  1. I really like my warmer thingy. I used it earlier today for a sore neck. It heats up much faster than the other one i have made of rice.
    I also fell in love with mulled spices. We had some at Christmas and we mixed it with Apple/Cranberry juice–Delicious!

  2. I like the trivet! I have been saving wine corks since we got married (6 years ago) and hope to one day make a bulletin board with them…laying them on their sides of course! I feel your pain with wanting to be creative but not making the time for it. I just end up blog surfing when really I’d rather be sewing but that would require walking to the bed room…ha!

  3. holeinhead

    Hey, totally random…but we use the same pacifiers…but our target doesn’t ever have them anymore…where do you get yours from? If its at a store can you send me a few and I’ll send you some mula?

  4. Tabbie

    I have corks! If I send them to you can you make me a trivet?? Only if it is hard core though!!

  5. Tabbie

    I also recognized the magnet spice holders from our awesome day at IKEA…what a trip!

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