40 Below… What?

It has been over a week of 40 below ZERO temperatures up here in the Interior. I have to tell you, I am not a happy camper these days. I can handle living in Alaska most days. I can deal with the separation from friends and family by putting my hope into getting “out” about twice a year to visit. I can handle the darkness because I stay busy in the winter time and force myself through the darkest times. I can handle the cold by making sure to keep active and spend time with friends. HOWEVER… over a week of 40 below makes ice fog. Ice fog is essentially frozen exhaust and pollution that hangs in the air. Yum. When you see that diesel truck billowing smoke into the air… imagine that it will hang above your house until the weather gets warmer. Awesome.

Ice fog makes the darkness, the cold, the separation, all seem intensified. It’s isolating.

I’m not just writing this to complain… I have been working on a series of coping mechanisms.

1. Keep getting out and about (staying home until it warms up makes me CRAZY).

2. Spend time with people you like.

3. Do fun stuff (tonight Andy & I are celebrating anniversary #3 by eating at Pike’s– sans Elliot– He will be with our good friend Lenetta).

4. Take out a loan, crank up the heat to 85 and run around the house in your underwear. (Okay, we haven’t actually done this… but I’ve been tempted)

5. Plan trips outside to warmer places. The hope gets you through the day… I swear.

We’ve been coping by having lots of fun with Elliot. He had his first tastes of cereal the other day and he’s been finding his voice a little more every day.



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3 responses to “40 Below… What?

  1. holeinhead

    Sorry about the weather:(….But those videos of Elliot are the cutest things ever. I wish I was tech savvy enough to do stuff like that for Isaac. Oh..and whatever days you want to come visit is fine with me…and really I can drive up there too…even if it was just to come pick you up and then you would only have to buy one round trip plane ticket….seriously you think about it and let me know. what are the exact dates again?

  2. I miss him! But thanks for posting the videos. They cheer me up every time i see one.

  3. holeinhead

    hey! what’s the temp there today? this morning on the Today show it said that fairbanks and houston were both 37…just wondering if thats true:)

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