Alright… I’ve had enough

This is it! I quit!

There are things about living in Alaska that, well, for a lack of a better word… suck. At this moment Google says that it is… drumroll pleaase… 50 degrees below zero. FIFTY! This means that its so cold that it HURTS when you go outside. It also means that there is ice fog. Fun times.
I hear that in other parts of the world children can actually play outside at this time of year. This is not true in Fairbanks, Alaska. Oh, and did I mention that its also dark most of the day?

I am sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself. So to make myself feel better I am going to compile a list of only the GOOD THINGS that have been happening lately.

1. Just got home from pizza and beer with great friends. Laughed, ate, drank, had a good time.

2. We’re finally getting the hang of planning meals and grocery shopping within a budget. I know this sounds lame, but it feels good to be spending wisely and eating more healthfully.

3. Elliot has been giving us the toothless grin alot and talking like crazy.

4. New Years Eve was spent with good friends. Good food, good drinks, great conversation, lots of playing Wii.

5. Elliot is still sleeping through the night! (Sometimes 12 hours!)

6. I’m learning to stand up for myself. (Which, by the way, feels really good. )

7. At Elliot’s last check-up (last week) he is 19lbs 5oz and 26.5″ long… that is a BIG 4 month old!

8. I got a FOOD PROCESSOR for Christmas! I just want to find things to pulverize…

9. It looks like 2009 is the year of visitors! We could potentially have five visitors this year!

10. Andy & I celebrate our three year anniversary this Wednesday… I think… I always get the dates mixed up…
Despite the cold… things are going well. I’m planning on going to the National DCE Conference in Dallas this April. That will be a fun time. We are toying with the idea of going to DesMoines and Milwaukee in August for the Iowa and Wisconsin State Fairs. (There is some competition between the two). 2009 should be a great year.

I don’t necessarily believe in making New Year’s resolutions… but there are two goals I’d like to accomplish before 2010.

1. Get healthier. (Not “loose weight” or “excercise more”… but just make healthier choices in general).

2. Master a skill that is non-work related.  (I have yet to pick this skill… but I’m thinking…  making the perfect cupcake? sewing?  candy making? we’ll see…)

Happy 2009!


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One response to “Alright… I’ve had enough

  1. holeinhead

    the non work related skill i plan on mastering….sleeping…sleeping would be nice:) okay…or maybe knitting/looming

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