Have a Holly Jolly…

Christmas is almost here!

I am a big geek about Christmas. I love everything about Christmas. I know that Christmas is about Jesus.  But I have to confess… I also really love the other side of Christmas; the things that have nothing to do with Jesus. The lights. Wrapped gifts. Over-the-top decorations. The hustle and bustle at EVERY store. Christmas music- all the time. Parties. Excessive baking. Christmas movies.

I love it.
The unfortunate side of Christmas is that I married a man who is not the biggest fan of all of the Christmas hoopla. Too bad for him. Inevitably he will spend a lot of time in the next week rolling his eyes at me.

So… in honor of my favorite time of year… A series of Christmas favorites.

Top 5  Christmas Movies

1. A Christmas Story

2. Charlie Brown Christmas

3. Elf

4. Muppet Christmas Carol

5. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & The Island of Misfit Toys

Top 5 Christmas Albums

1. Barenaked for the Holidays (Barenaked Ladies)

2. Elf Soundtrack

3. Do You See What I See? (Todd Agnew)

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas (Vince Guaraldi Trio)

5. A Christmas Together (John Denver & The Muppets)

Top 5 things to Do at Christmas Time

1. Bake (I am a cookie-aholic)

2. Search neighborhoods for great lights

3. Sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in the car with Elliot (over and over and over… )

4. Make home-made Christmas gifts (photos coming soon)

5. Get coffee and sit back to watch the crazy folks competitively shopping

This will be a crazy week for me, so I may not be posting until after Christmas.

Christmas Blessings to you!


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