I did not actually go into hibernation…

I’ve been somewhere in between lazy and very busy.
No excuses…

Life has been full lately. Mostly in a good way. Some favorites:

  • Quality time with good friends over turkey and stuffing. Mmm…
  • Elliot’s first giggles. We would do ANYTHING to get more laughs out of him. I find myself acting completely foolish to make him smile.
  • Early morning shopping on Black Friday with Andy & Elliot. My favorite part? The people watching. Imagine: Grown women on the verge of tears about a TOY at Walmart. God bless America.
  • Trying new recipes. So far we’ve tried new recipes for Beef Stroganoff, Baked Ziti, Pumpkin Butter Cake, and Chocolate Truffles. Yum.
  • Getting the Christmas tree. It was a sad hunt… trees in Alaska are just pathetic, but we found a pretty good one. Definitely quirky… but that fits us pretty well.

It has been a good month. I am working on some great handmade Christmas gifts that cannot yet be revealed. All in good time. Elliot has been growing like crazy. He’s already bursting out of 6 month sized clothes. He’s over 17 lbs and 25″ long. He’s a tank. Hopefully as he starts moving around he’ll trim up at bit. Only because I am a wimp and he’s getting heavy!

Things in ministry are challenging right now. I’m taking a look at the bigger picture and trying to hear where God is calling. I am uncertain at this point. Praying for some clarity in that department.

New video of E…

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One response to “I did not actually go into hibernation…

  1. You need to send me the recipe for the pumpkin butter cake. That sounds delicious!

    Also you should have gotten/will be getting a package from me (but one of the team members sent it so the return address might be from Texas).

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