Hops & Barley

I have had a running joke with many people about beer. Throughout my pregnancy I had MANY dreams about beer. I would wake up wishing I could really have a beer. I told our friends that if they wanted to see the baby when we were in the hospital they would have to bring at least one cold bottle of beer for me. Of course, I never planned on this actually happening.

Well, our good friends Russ and Paul delivered. They showed up at the hospital with a six pack of Alaskan Summer Ale. What good friends. I was, of course, not up for drinking beer right after labor and delivery. I stashed the six pack in the closet in our hospital room. Two days later we packed up everything, including Elliot and went home. As soon as we got home I realized that I left my jacket and the beer in the closet. Yikes. Andy called the nurses’ station and described the situation. Of course they asked what specific items we had left behind. He calmly explained that friends had brought us the beer to celebrate, but we didn’t drink it. There was laughter from the other end of the phone. Apparently this has happened before.

The next day we stop by the hospital to pock up our goods. This is the conversation at the nurses’ station:

Me: Uhmm… excuse me, we left some things in our room. We checked out yesterday. Room 214?

Nurse: What exactly did you leave behind?

Me: Uuuuhhh… a blue hooded sweatshirt and a   ::wince::   six.pack.of.beer.but.I.didn’t.drink.any.I.promise!

Nurse: Well, you’d better not be drinking, you just had a baby!

Me: Don’t worry, I won’t. Thank you.

So… take this you crabby nurse… HA… I’m home now and enjoying my first beer in nine months. It’s deeeelicious. Thanks, Paul and Russ!


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