High Hopes

Today is the baby’s due date. My doctor is certain that it’s a pretty accurate due date… and yet… no signs of baby. I have an appointment to be induced on Thursday if he doesn’t come before then. Please pray!

My least favorite phrase right now? I’m glad you asked… it’s when people SEE me and say “No baby yet?”

COME ON PEOPLE! This would be an appropriate question for over the phone, but I hear it all the time– in person. DOES IT LOOK LIKE THE BABY HAS BEEN BORN YET?!

Again, another case of when people don’t know what to say– the say something stupid. It’s true. When I was first pregnant they asked, “Are you excited?”  No… this sucks. OR… when we found out the sex of the baby they asked, “But what if its a girl?” We’re going to give her away. Maybe put an add in the paper. Better yet, maybe we’ll ask someone to swap at the hospital.

I would like to change the old saying– “If you don’t have anything reasonably intelligent to say, don’t say anything at all.”
This might apply to my own blog… so there you have it.


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  1. I know you want to have the baby soon, but i just wanted to say that you look very cute being pregnant.
    You and baby Pugh in my prayers.

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