Still ticking

We went to see The Dark Knight last Saturday and it was awesome. Except for Christian Bale’s “batman voice”. I didn’t notice it so much in Batman Begins… but in this one… WOW… very irritating. I suppose Bruce Wayne is just trying to hide his true identity, but still.

Anyhow… there are a few bombs in this movie and I am a sucker for suspense. When ever there are bombs in movies I get very anxious as the bomb is ticking down to zero. I ALWAYS flinch in the last seconds. I can’t help it, it’s part of who I am.

And… as I’ve mentioned, I feel like I have a ticking time bomb in my belly. The thing that sucks is that I am waiting anxiously for a bomb to go off without knowing how many seconds are left. It’s maddening. I got some good news from my dr. on Friday that everything looks really good and the baby is in the right place and I’ve even dilated a little bit. I almost wish she hadn’t told me that because now I have convinced myself that TODAY IS THE DAY. I wonder how many days I will be able to convince myself of this.

Still ticking…

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  1. The batman voice bothered me the most in the first one because he only used it sometimes. The inconsistency drove me crazy, so i was happy that in the Dark Knight the voice was consistent.

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