If I can just make it…

If I can just make it through the next two weeks I’ll be golden. Starting Sunday is VBS (vacation bible school). This means a whole crew of volunteers will be deployed to spend evenings with a large group of crazy children, teaching them about Jesus. This year its a science theme and it is going to be very fun. I am actually really excited. However, along with that excitement comes anxiety. Will everyone show up? Do we have enough volunteers? Does everyone have what they need? Do I remember the actions to those songs?

AHHHHH! It’s insanity!

Normally VBS is a pretty intense week, but this year it just seems compounded by this pregnancy. I was telling Andy that I just feel overwhelmed lately. It seems like there are so many things to get done before the baby comes. Cleaning. Repairs around the house. Stuff to buy (with what extra money?). Stuff at work to get done. Preparing for maternity leave. Bahhh!

I know I just need to be resting more, but I can’t seem to because my mind is constantly racing about all the things that “need” to get done. I realize if they aren’t done life will, in fact, continue to go on. I know that if I don’t find a small table for the baby room to put a lamp on, he will not be a neglected child. I know this. But I would really like to have all that stuff done and taken care of before he’s here.

Deep breaths. It will be fine. God is still in control. I just need to calm down. Whatever happens will happen.




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3 responses to “If I can just make it…

  1. Jayme

    i found a small table to put a lamp on at target….not sure if they still have them or not…but thought i’d share:) and you really wanting to have all that stuff done and taken care of before he gets here is TOTALLY normal. i wanted the nursery set up so bad before Isaac got here that we kept a crib that we had just bought even though it had a huge nick out of it…it was more peaceful for my mind to have it and all put together than to have to wait for another one to get ordered….do what you can and do whatever helps you relax and puts your mind at ease:)

  2. Hi there, just found your blog randomly as i was lazily searching for the john 10:10 reference as i needed that verse for my blog… found your site, been reading, procrastinating, you know. fun read, good luck with the baby. I got two, they are great! 🙂 bless yah,

  3. Thanks for the information. Me this theme too interests. I shall read still.

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