Of course I would…

Of course I would just shove all the things I need to do off to one side so that I could enjoy my morning coffee and best-muffin-ever (from best coffee-shop-ever) without a thought.

Of course I would completely forget about the mounting responsibilities that I need to take care of to sit blissfully unaware at my desk, listening to Ben Folds in my own little morning nirvana.

Of course I would take few moments to post a blog entry while all of these things just wait to get done.

Did you really think I would bounce into the office bright and early and get down to business right away? Even though I really should, it takes me a little while to gear up for the day. This seems to intensify when I have more to get done. I’m not sure what that means.

Probably that I’m just a slacker.


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One response to “Of course I would…

  1. holeinhead

    totally random…how much time are you getting off after you have the little guy? I am so excited for you!!!!!!!

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