Growing pains.

They are getting harder to see.

The countdown is getting more intense. 8 weeks to go. It has gone so quickly. I am still remembering the feeling of terror when the line showed up on the test. Now I’m ready (as I’ll ever be). This is a good time in our lives to become parents. Andy is getting more nervous as the days go on. I think I’m calming down. I’m not even scared of the whole labor/delivery thing. I’m not thinking it will be a picnic or anything, but I believe I have a handle on what it will be like. And really, what am I going to do at this point? It’s coming, like it or not. šŸ™‚

Work has kept me very busy as of late. It’s a good thing, because otherwise I’d keep cleaning, sewing, and rearranging furniture obsessively. At least I can use my “nesting” energy to get some stuff done. By the end of the week all the bedrooms will be just about complete. We’ve been rearranging them, getting ready for Mom to visit in a few weeks and, of course, getting ready for baby to come. I’ll post pictures next week when they are all done.

Andy and I are getting serious about picking names. I would give you our top three… but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it? We have three that we both like, however, Andy really likes one the best and I like another the best. I suppose one of us will have to give. We’ll decide when we meet the little guy.

Well, I’m off. Gotta keep an eye on my toes before they disappear altogether.


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2 responses to “Growing pains.

  1. That is a fantastic picture! I have thoroughly enjoyed your perspective on pregnancy thus far. It’s highly comical. Anna enjoys it, too. I often read the “funny” parts of your blog to her when i come across them.

  2. Jayme

    that is the best picture! i wish i woulda thought to take one like that:)

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