Before the chaos ensues

This weekend we have about 40 students coming up to Fairbanks from all over the state. They will join our high school kids for a retreat. It should be a fun time. I am realizing how tired I’ve been lately and the thought of not getting much sleep this weekend is making me a wee bit sad. Hopefully I won’t be too crabby. I might get the reputation as the crabby, pregnant youth leader. Oooh… no thanks.

I’m trying to enjoy a few moments of relaxing silence before the chaos ensues. I cleaned the living room and kitchen this morning and now I am just sitting here… clothes in the dryer… dog napping in the sun… enjoying a press pot cup of coffee.

It has been harder and harder for me to just sit. There are quite a few little projects in the house that I want to get finished before the baby comes. Lots of painting. Finding new pieces of furniture (that we can actually afford). Rearranging. General organization. Curtains to make and hang. Cleaning. More painting. I have been compulsively working on these tasks the last few weeks. I started painting our bedroom on Sunday at 7pm. WHY?! Because I couldn’t just sit and watch tv with Andy. I feel restless. My hope is that this feeling does not continue for the next 2 months. That could make me absolutely exhausted, but it might be good for the value of our home…


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