Does it get cuter?!

Latest project. Teeny tiny shoes. I love them. I want to make them in every color combination I could ever imagine. If you can see tumbleweeds of dog hair in the photo, I do apologize. I guess the weather must be getting warmer because the dog is leaving his hair EVERYWHERE. Yuck. Today is my day off. Here are the things on my agenda:

– sleep late (check)

– vacuum tumbleweeds (check)

– enjoy coffee in the sunshine (check)

– buy paint for our bedroom

– maybe get started on painting said room

– plan meals for the next few weeks (I’m tired of grocery shopping every other day)

– go to blockbuster and return a movie (because I accidentally picked up the wrong one)

I know, I know… its all so terribly exciting and glamorous.

Happy Friday!


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One response to “Does it get cuter?!

  1. Jayme

    those are the cutest things ever….and you will love them because it gets to be a pain in the rear to put socks on them all the time…i keep wanting to get a pair from target or whatever so isaac doesn’t have to go barefoot but they don’t have any his size yet:) i must say i am impressed:)

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