Internal Organ Indulges Its Extroverted Side

I just want people to know that pregnancy is kind of gross. Don’t let those baby food/formula/life insurance commercials think its this beautiful, soft, sweet, wonderful experience. I mean, I guess it is. But most moments involve something weird happening in your body.

Have you ever imagined what your kidneys feel like? I don’t mean what they would feel like if you held them in your hands, I mean have you ever been aware of your kidneys? Do you know what they feel like in your body? Or your liver? Or your spleen? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and locate the feeling of your kidneys working. I hope that most of you have been blissfully unaware of these important organs. However, it is pretty disturbing when you become painfully aware of your uterus. All of my life it has been this wallflower, hanging out in the background, silently doing its job. Apparently when you are pregnant it is the uterus’ time to shine. It goes from the wallflower to center stage. I am seriously concerned that my body can actually change this way. Hopefully all of my other organs will not indulge their need for extroversion. Can you imagine? One day your kidneys bulge out of your back and every time they filter your blood they make a loud slurping noise. Ewww. That’s gross.

But pregnancy is beautiful. Riiiiight.

Actually, I can’t complain. I have had a very easy pregnancy. No pain, no sickness, its pretty awesome. I am, however, convinced that I will give birth to a 19 pound baby. Can he really get any bigger?!

In other news, we had a great holiday weekend. Pretty decent weather, a nap in a hammock, three barbecues, and sleeping in. I really couldn’t ask for more.



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2 responses to “Internal Organ Indulges Its Extroverted Side

  1. Krissa

    Wow, that was beautiful.

  2. Jayme

    hilarious…i must admit it added a whole new dimension(sp?) to Kobi and I’s relationship…like i ever dreamed we would have a conversation about mucus plugs

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