Craft Binge

I have to admit it. I’ve been on a crafting binge lately. In the last week I’ve made two pairs of flannel baby pants, a baby sling (for a friend), a burp cloth, three sets of curtains (I guess I just hemmed them), and today I’ve been on a stencil binge. I LOVE FREEZER PAPER STENCILS!

The guitar shirt is for Maddie (her birthday is coming next week) my almost-10-year-old friend. She is THE BEST at Guitar Hero… so it works.

The polka dots are also for Maddie. It’s her name in ASL letters.

I can’t wait to put our little guy in these! 93 days-ish…

Of course Brando is Andy’s favorite. I might make him a shirt to match the little guy.



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3 responses to “Craft Binge

  1. Those are amazing! I want one! Make me something cool!
    Your kid is going to be so awesome with such a crafty and creative mom. I’m jealous.

  2. teach me how to do the freezer paper stenciling! I want in on the fun too!

  3. Jayme

    how adorable…isaac loved his…i’m sad he already grew out of them:(

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