Not “small talk”

You know how “small talk” can be terribly uncomfortable and if you live in a place with a more extreme climate, the weather is bound to come up in conversation.

However, the following is not “small talk.” The following information should be taken with grave sincerity and emailed directly to Al Gore. Thanks for making me aware of the global warming crisis. I might have missed it.

Now I realize that I have chosen to live in a place that most mammals and vegetation have chosen not to live. Birds and old folks fly South from this place in the winter, and most of the animals that stick around during those frigid months could easily eat you or at the very least, severely maim you.


Yesterday it snowed 5 inches. It was blizzarding. On April 30th. This would normally cause little concern for me because sometimes these freak occurrences happen. THIS WAS NO FREAK OCCURRENCE! It has snowed just about every day (or every other day) for weeks now. I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day and I am waking up to eternal winter. It is as though the light at the end of the tunnel is getting smaller and smaller with every belated snowflake.

Perhaps this is punishment for living in a place that is so otherwise idyllic. I mean, come on, everyone knows Fairbanks is the envy of all other locations on the planet to reside. That must be it.

Please, Americans… find alternative fuel sources, buy a hybrid, reuse, purchase carbon credits, conserve, go green, recycle- not just to be a good steward and because its a responsible thing to do- but because of the fuzzy little polar bears who won’t have a home because the world is melting.

PS- Those polar bears are the few animals that will stick around during winter on this side of the world, and they will eat you, not offer you a Coke and furry little smile.


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  1. Krissa

    It was snowing in Portland two weeks ago. I was in Minneapolis last week and it snowed there too. I’m just ready for the sun to come out so I know it still exists!

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