I’m working on renovating.

There was a moment when I suddenly realized that I was going to be a mother. WHAT?! This canNOT be right.

I can’t balance my checkbook, I barely keep my house clean enough for the average human to sustain life, I am a mediocre cook, I like to sleep late, I like to stay up late, I watch too much TV, I’d rather eat Doritos & Diet Coke than anything else, and I don’t finish most things that I start.

Who would put me in charge of a whole life? Really?

So I looked in the mirror and around the house and decided to renovate. Not the house, really, just me. I am feeling a bit of a call to “grow up.” Part of me is dying inside at the mere suggestion. Grow up? I never really planned to do that. Never. However, there are somethings I’d like to be in a bit better order before I am charged with a lifetime of care for the little guy. I still plan on listening to music that is inappropriate for my age, giving my son a mohawk, and I still have my eye on that diaper bag with the skull & crossbones… but there are a few things that need to be different.

1. Less TV. The baby is really just an excuse. I have been feeling my soul being actually sucked out of my eyeballs into the TV screen each night. I am not giving it up (you have me hooked, you glowing electronic enchantress!) just cutting back to only the shows I love (Read: The Office, 30 Rock, the occasional SNL…)

2. Get organized. We moved into the house in October in a ball of fury. Everything was put together in less than a week. Paint, pictures hung, furniture placed, boxes stashed away. Now we are re-thinking our hasty ideas. We are wondering where all the baby’s stuff will actually go… so we need to re-work our system.

3. Less laziness. I hear that you will be forced out of being lazy because babies don’t work like snooze alarms. I can’t just pat him on the head and get 9 more minutes of sleep. I am not sure how to get a head start on this one… laziness is just part of who I am. I like sleeping. I like doing nothing. Perhaps #1 & #2 will help with this one. We’ll see.

There are a few other things on my mind, but we’ll start with this for now. I’m working on the transition into a life that isn’t all about me. I’m hoping for a jumpstart.

Cheers to renovations & spring cleaning!


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2 responses to “Renovations

  1. holeinhead

    First of all BE LAZY! Be lazy now, because seriously when the baby comes you will wish for that extra 9 minutes of sleep. Or to be able to just sit and watch tv when you want or be able to eat a meal when you are actually hungary instead of in between feedings and when the baby isn’t screaming. So my advice….be lazy for now…because soon you won’t have a choice. And second of all already your life is not “all about you.” I mean look at the post you just put up…your mind has already started thinking about “what’s best for baby” and will continue to do so…that’s how God made us:) So relax…you are going to be a great mother, who teaches her child how to love life, make fantastic crafts, and most of all that he is loved by an almighty and real God. What more could a son want:) Motherhood is about being in a constant state of grace…

  2. Zorich

    OMG! I love it! I feel the same way but my baby’s here already. Dang it! I’ve had enough of my soul sucked through my eyeballs by the glowing electronic enchantress that Baby Jesus would cry. But yeah, you and Gina have an excuse to be lazy, I don’t. 😥 Have fun!

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