22 weeks

22 weeks pregnant. That’s weird to write. I am 22 weeks pregnant… with a baby boy. That is just crazy.

At the New Year, as I looked at what 2008 might bring I didn’t really plan on motherhood. However, it has been a fantastic little journey so far. I am really enjoying the pregnant stuff so far (especially after the nausea and sheer exhaustion subsided). I can feel the little guy kicking around. So many women describe it as “butterflies”… I’m not sure I would say that. More like little gas bubbles, but in your uterus. Weird.

Dr. Hess says everything looks good. I haven’t gained much weight which is good. I joke that God has been preparing me for pregnancy for a long time– I have a built-in protective layer for the baby. Ha. 🙂 Everything else is looking great, no signs of gestational diabetes (which was a concern because of family history) and I feel really good.

Andy can’t wait to be able to feel the little guy kicking around, too. I think it will be a few more weeks. We’ve started collecting ideas about things we’ll need (and things we won’t!). We’ve also heard lots of advice from lots of parents we know. We believe some of it will be invaluable and some, well… has already been discarded. 😉

Now we’re thinking about nursery colors– we think we’re going to go with a lightish green.

Well, here is a recent pic. I asked Andy to take it. I hate taking pictures of just me, but I imagine I’d regret it if we didn’t have a record of some kind.



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3 responses to “22 weeks

  1. Yeah for cute pregnant Tia! I wish i were there!

  2. I know what you mean, it’s crazy…I have two kids and still can’t believe that I ever had one! Isn’t feeling them move the best…it gets better! So glad you took a pic and posted it! Makes it more real to those of us that can’t see your cute baby bump in person!

  3. Jayme

    I always thought Isaac moving around felt like a little muscle twitch…never like butterflies:) just wait until he starts rolling around and Andy can see your whole stomach move…amazing

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