Sin Sucks

My heart is just  …  broken ….  today. I can’t explain it any other way.

This world just flat out sucks sometimes. Sin-sickness is evident in every conversation I’ve had lately. It’s ingrained in all the thoughts I have; in the things I do. It hangs out in the background until it is confronted and then saunters to the middle of the room proudly, and no one is surprised because its always been there. We’re not surprised when sin leaks into our relationships, our marriages, our work.

Sin is like giving a baby a pacifier. They really want food. They really want something to fill them up, and instead are given this rubber thing to satisfy them until the next real feeding. Soon enough the baby gets used to the pacifier and then becomes dependent on it. It isn’t giving the baby anything but an overbite and a false sense of security– but dare you not take that thing away! He needs it!

Okay, that analogy might be very flawed. I just can’t explain how it can become so easy for us to fall into sinful messes and then actually defend it. How can we as sin-sick Christians not become hypocrites? How do we really hold one another accountable in love? Can it really be done? Do we actually trust one another enough? What will it take?

I just want Satan to know I’m on to his nasty little game… now I’m just figuring out how not to play that game anymore.


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