Drumroll Please…

We had our big 20 week ultrasound today… and it’s a BOY!

It was a very cool experience– except I had to drink 32oz. of water and wait over an hour! It was agony! And then this ultrasound tech starts pushing this machine all over my belly. UGHH!!!

It was fun. It looks like he is healthy and everything looks good so far. He was kicking and flipping around a lot. It’s good to know he’s moving because I can’t quite feel him yet. The little guy was hiding down in a corner and so some of the pictures are weird, but they gave us lots– so here they are!



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5 responses to “Drumroll Please…

  1. holeinhead

    how very cool….:) enjoy it!

  2. Lindsey burken

    Awesome!!! so cool. I love seeing these ultrasound pictures!

  3. Kortney

    That is so cool. Love the ultrasound description-priceless! Glad you are feeling better, too!

  4. Ingrid

    Wow…I love it! Thanks for sharing the results. Yay for a boy. 😀

  5. In the picture that you labeled with his eyes and mouth he kind of looks like an alien.

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