Is this really what Jesus died for?!

I said to a few friends today after church, “Did Jesus really die on a cross for this?!”

It seems to me that worship– and church life– has become this thing that I am struggling with. I feel as though I don’t get to worship. I try, man do I try, but I get so bogged down by the people around me. People who are so broken and hurting that they can’t help but spill their junk onto everyone around them. So I look around at angry and irritated faces during worship– they are not celebrating the resurrection– they can’t even see past their own messy life. And I say once again, “Jesus, did you really go to the cross so it could be like this?!?!”

And I think the answer is… “Yes.”

He went to the cross so that the hurt, loneliness, anger, bitterness, and self-absorbtion could be taken care of; so that we could be released from the sin that holds us down. He did it for me and for all the other broken folks who need it.


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