Christ is Risen, I am Exhausted

Christ is risen, indeed!

I am so tired! I am not that kind of sleepy tired where you can just curl up and drift off to happy sleep. No. I am exhausted. Wiped out. DRAINED. This has been a tough Holy Week for me. I feel like I paced myself and had moments to stop and reflect, but I always felt a little… disconnected.  I’m not sure why.

Today was a very hectic Easter morning. It was wonderful to chat with people, celebrate, and encourage. The high school youth and parents cooked and served breakfast. That was a little stressful, just adding something else to the day to make me tired. I also decided to wear open-toed heels this morning. A first time for sandals or heels in a very long time. Bad idea. I have blisters and sore legs. I walk around the house like I’m 85.

We did have a lovely afternoon. We were invited for Easter supper with a family from church. They invited several families and we got to know a new family. There was Easter egg hunting, delicious food, and just hanging around. Ahhhhh, the rest I was hoping for. Then we came home and have literally been doing nothing. I’ve been glued to this couch for at least an hour and have no plans of moving.

In other news, Andy and I are trying to plan meals because we’ve been wasting food and money for too long. So, I’ve been trying several new recipes to get at least a small arsenal of things we like to eat. Last week it started with a pot roast that we waaaaaaaayyy overcooked. It was very tough. Yuck. Unfortunately, I had planned to use the leftover meat to make beef stroganoff on Monday. Double Yuck. I made the stroganoff and picked out the meat. It was mushroom stroganoff and it was way better. So I guess, back to the drawing boards for meal planning. We’ll get there. There were two successful days last week– rotisserie chicken and then chicken & wild rice soup. Mmmm. I’m still learning, I guess.

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!


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