A Day Not for the Irish…

I know I have some Irish descendants. My grandmother’s maiden name is Brede… that’s very Irish. However, I don’t know that St. Patrick’s Day is actually for Irish people. I think it’s more of a reason for non-Irish people to drink large quantities of green beer on a work/school night.

Well even though I am not drinking beer (and I wouldn’t drink green beer anyways…)  I still had a fun time. Andy and I were invited over to Mike & Karina’s for corned beef. It was very good. And there was sauerkraut. I love all things brined or soaked in vinegar these days (read: pickles, sour candy, etc.). It was good. They have two dogs and we took Rupert over to play. He’s pretty tired now- mission accomplished. Our friends entertained us with a delightfully hilarious story of a recent dinner party they were invited to that ended in a rather serious grease fire. Yikes.

In other news, it is the beginning of Holy Week. In the church world this means the week leading up to Easter. It is a very busy time, and I’m struggling to find the time to really celebrate or observe this week for what it is. I get a little too wrapped up in my list of “to-do’s”. My hope is that I can put aside the stuff to spend some time in prayer and devotion this week.


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2 responses to “A Day Not for the Irish…

  1. Ingrid

    1. Oh my word…I think you’re absolutely right. I’ve never thought about St. Patty’s Day as the holiday for the non-Irish to drink on a work/school night, but it’s true! Trust me, my party-hopping street was busy for that reason.

    2. Holy week as a churchworker is a conflict of interest…work/personal reflection…it’s not easy. With this being the first year in my adult life without being a churchworker…I find myself all the more emotion, it is ODD to say the least.

    Anyway…blessings on this week. I am praying that you are granted moments throughout the week to pause, put aside the to do list, and have some beautiful hangout time with Jesus.

  2. I understand the lack of time to observe the week. I think i missed all of lent, and Easter is not shaping up to be so great. But what did i expect when I live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Easter?
    Blessings on your Easter!

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